6 Decades In Real Estate.
History. Knoweldge. Innovation.

We are a multi-generational real estate family that started back in 1963. We’ve seen bubbles fill and burst, interest rates ebb and flow, and two recessions. One aspect of real estate that has remained consistent for over years is “Exposure”. The medium to expose a deal has certainly changed, but the goal remains the same. Get the right eyeballs on your listing, and get a lot of them.

As we continue to embark further into digital marketing, our goal was simple. Build a system that allowed a realtor to rapidly build out marketing materials, and expose their listing to a large audience. The challenge is; while brokerages are wonderful, the goal is to get out of our “echo chamber” or in this case “contact list”.


RealtyBlast.io allows realtors to seamlessly expose their deal to a network of over 750K realtors across the United States. And, unlike a listing site, it’s a push model. Meaning, people don’t have to jump on the MLS to discover a listing.


We are proud of the work we are doing, and appreciate the support of our real estate communities. Sell well.


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