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"I can tell you that I am very impressed with Property Campaign and I have recommended it to many others.  I work with high net worth clients and typically different types of property from the norm.  Through Property Campaign I have sold over $34M in real estate internationally.  I usually get an immediate response when the Campaign begins.  I believe you have an excellent distribution email list."

"PropertyCampaign is a terrific marketing tool that my firm can’t afford to be without. With hundreds of thousands of contacts in their database, I know when it’s critical for us to get our message out via email PropertyCampaign gets the job done.  We more then get our monies worth we earn it back times ten!" 


"We used the service about a month ago and got a tremendous response. We've used propertyline and propertypush but never got as good as a response. Given the competitive pricing your service offers combined with its broad reach we'll likely focus more of our marketing budget on propertycampaign blasts."


“It is a pleasure working with Property Campaign. Their staff offers wonderful customer service."


"Totally impressed with the results that were generated from your email campaigns. I'd highly recommend your email campaign services to anyone that is interested in a nationwide advertising targeting commercial real estate professionals.Prompt customer service and Good ROI That is all I want and I get it every time. Great doing business with you."

Build email flyers in minutes, not hours... our automated system will create the campaign for you. Just insert the address of your property and choose the email layout. It can't get any easier than that.

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