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Upload your existing flyer or build one directly on our website using our easy to use editor.


Select Your Audience

Pick the contacts to send to –  select recipients  by zip code, city, county, or the entire state.


Schedule Campaign Delivery

Select your desired send date and time from our real time calendar. You control the delivery date.

Our Process

Database Acquisition & Management


Database Sources

Our data is comprised of opt-in subscriptions through our website, opt-ins through investment landing pages via PPC, property records, 3rd party vendors, and data acquisitions.


Segemented By Preferences

Our subscribers choose to receive emails from us based on property type, price, and location. This is an incredible benefit to you because that means they are only receiving properties they have pre-selected within their criteria.


Fully Compliant

Our email platform is fully compliant with the federal Can Spam Act and all other email regulations. Every email has a full postal address & unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email; automatically. We take this very seriously.


Affluent Recipients

Reach the most highly affluent residential real estate brokers, owners, and investors in the industry. They are highly active and have been receiving our emails for an average of 2-3 years.


Daily Subscriber Updates

New subscriptions are processed daily. Invalid emails & any unsubscribes are removed automatically. This ensures a superior reputation that will get your emails to the inbox.


Leverage Our Resources

You leverage the $100k/yr we spend on data acquisition & management. This ensures you get your emails in front of the most targeted contacts available.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy


Meeting Of The Minds

Getting your deal closed requires the right message, right property, and right buyer/broker to intersect all at the same time. Everyone provides hay; we provide you the needle in the haystack.


Test, Test, & Re-test

To effectively market your property, you must vigorously test different subject lines and email copy. This will provide you the best success rate. Your subject line really needs be captivating to entice the recipient to open it.


The Call To Action

Your campaign should always include a Call To Action. Such as clicking a button for the full brochure or clicking to view a listing website. All emails should ask the recipient to take some form of action.


Avoid TMI

Your email should be concise with cursory information about the property, demographics, aerial showing surrounding uses, and a way for them to get additional information with ease.


Send. Send. Send.

Open rates will vary and not everyone will open it the first time it’s sent. This means that in order to reach the maximum amount of recipients, your campaign should be sent 3-4 times.


Closed Transaction

Our marketing platform is proven to work. All of  the major brokerages utilize our tools to generate leads for their properties. Over 7,000 broker clients use us to help them close deals.

Our System Infrastructure


Full SSL Encryption

Your security is of our utmost concern. Our entire website & client areas are fully protected utilizing 256 bit SSL encryption. This ensures that your information is protected.


Website Security

We maintain the strongest firewall, anti-malware, anti virus software available, and keep it updated regularly. We do this to ensure the integrity of our infrastructure & keep our clients protected.


Cloud Based Servers

We maintain three network servers to maximize website redundancy & server uptime. This means that if any one server is down, our entire infrastructure can still operate flawlessly.


Enterprise Mail Server

Our mail server operates on commercial grade software costing over $50k annually. This allows us to distribute 500k+ emails per hour very quickly with the highest level of delivery.


Email Delivery: The Extra Mile

We subscribe to all FBL programs to monitor our sending reputation. We are whitelisted with many email service providers & real estate domains, allowing us to deliver mail openly.


Dependable Checkpoints

We engineered checkpoints based on common mistakes. Our system automatically checks your email for spam-like words, broken links, and images; keeping you out of the junk folder.

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